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Kristen "Killer Bee" Brooks

Kristen Brooks

Kristen Brooks

On September 21, I’m strapping on boxing gloves and stepping into the ring at Fight Night presented by KO Public Affairs to support young adults going through their own bouts with cancer. As an Everyday Hero, I am committed to training, becoming a USA Boxing sanctioned fighter, and raising awareness for this amazing cause. As a culmination of my efforts, I will go rounds against another “mover and shaker” of the community in front of a packed crowd at Baltimore’s Horseshoe Casino.

Proceeds from this event will benefit the Ulman Foundation, a non-profit organization that creates a community of support for adolescents and young adults impacted by cancer. They provide a variety of services and programs for these young adults, such as the brand new Ulman House! Ulman House offers free housing for patients and their caregivers as they undergo treatment in the Baltimore area, providing a short commute to four local hospitals. The Patient Navigation Team address concerns specific to young adult patients, like fertility preservation, financial assistance, survivorship programs and the transition back to school or work. Ulman also awards over 30 scholarships each year to young adults impacted by cancer!

Supporting these young adults is important to me because I know first hand how hard cancer is, and this is why I have chosen to become an Everyday Hero. Help me support their fight against cancer by donating to my page and contributing that extra one-two punch to knockout cancer!

More about Kristen "Killer Bee" Brooks:

Kristen Brooks is ready to throw a counter punch to cancer. As the Owner of Westminster Tattoo Company, and Vice President of Alger Electric, Kristen is a true “Mover and Shaker” of the Baltimore community. For these next three months, she will put her blood, sweat, and tears into becoming a USA Boxing sanctioned fighter, ultimately participating in a boxing match during the Ulman Foundation’s Fight Night this September. Kristen is training as one of the Ulman Foundation’s “Everyday Heroes,” individuals grinding it out to become boxers to support the Ulman Foundation’s mission to build a community of support for young adults and their loved ones impacted by cancer.

Through participating as an Everyday Hero, Kristen is on a mission to improve not only her own health and fitness (#gains), but to raise awareness amongst her friends and family about Ulman’s mission to improve the lives of young adults and their loved ones impacted by cancer. While she is new to boxing, Kristen was instantly drawn to the sport after attending a boxing match while visiting Texas this past year. While Kristen admits that boxing is “absolutely exhausting,” she says that she is thrilled to be back in the gym with Patrick Taafe of Title Boxing Owings Mills, whose dedication and mix of motivation and sweat are preparing her for such an essential cause. When she tells her longtime friends about her latest project, they all show little surprise; “I was always that friend that was willing to stand up for what was right, very hesitant to back down, so they’re not surprised by me wanting to box.” With Kristen’s fighting spirit, it comes as no shock that she’s chosen the boxer name of Kristen “Killer Bee” Brooks. She’s stepping into the ring with a buzz, but completely prepared to sting.

Kristen’s decision to become an Everyday Hero was inspired by her grandfather Pip’s battle with cancer. Kristen witnessed firsthand the impact that cancer has on a patient’s loved ones, as she served as Pip’s caretaker throughout his cancer journey. Pip was 91 years old when he was diagnosed with cancer, but his fighting spirit made him a fierce opponent for cancer, and an example of true strength- something Kristen says will inspire her throughout her training and its culmination at Fight Night. Kristen is also proud to have her daughter, Bella, present at Fight Night. A trained singer who graduated at age 16 from The Baltimore Actors Theatre, Bella will be singing the National Anthem, and is headed to college in 2020 as a music education major.

Donations and ticket sales made to Kristen’s page will support the Ulman Foundation in its work to help support the 72,000 adolescents and young adults diagnosed with cancer each year. Donate or purchase your tickets to Fight Night today!


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