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Damian "The Majority" O'Doherty

Damian O'doherty

Damian O'Doherty

On September 21, I’m strapping on boxing gloves and stepping into the ring at Fight Night presented by KO Public Affairs to support young adults going through their own bouts with cancer. As an Everyday Hero, I am committed to training, becoming a USA Boxing sanctioned fighter, and raising awareness for this amazing cause. As a culmination of my efforts, I will go rounds against another “mover and shaker” of the community in front of a packed crowd at Baltimore’s Horseshoe Casino.

Proceeds from this event will benefit the Ulman Foundation, a non-profit organization that creates a community of support for adolescents and young adults impacted by cancer. They provide a variety of services and programs for these young adults, such as the brand new Ulman House! Ulman House offers free housing for patients and their caregivers as they undergo treatment in the Baltimore area, providing a short commute to four local hospitals. The Patient Navigation Team address concerns specific to young adult patients, like fertility preservation, financial assistance, survivorship programs and the transition back to school or work. Ulman also awards over 30 scholarships each year to young adults impacted by cancer!

Supporting these young adults is important to me, and this is why I have chosen to become an Everyday Hero. Help me support their fight against cancer by donating to my page and contributing that extra one-two punch to knockout cancer!

More about Damian O'Doherty:

As one of the Ulman Foundation’s Everyday Heroes, Damian O’Doherty is gearing up to throw a counterpunch to cancer. Over the next 3 months, Damian will train rigorously and fundraise tirelessly, even becoming a USA Boxing sanctioned fighter, all in preparation for his upcoming match in the Ulman Foundation’s annual Fight Night to KO Cancer. Damian is a founding partner of KO Public Affairs, which he described as “where the media, government, commerce, and politics all intersect.” While Damian is a heavyweight in the world of public affairs, he is only just beginning his boxing career.

Damian has made a name for himself in the political world, having served as committee counsel with the Maryland Senate, as a top advisor to Jim Smith, former Baltimore County Executive, even working on the O’Malley presidential campaign. O’Doherty also had a role in the development of Center Maryland, a news outlet described as “a platform to advance reasonable and responsible ideas,” created in response to the increasingly polarized political climate in Washington and Annapolis- one not entirely dissimilar to opponents fighting in a boxing ring. Despite never having boxed before, Damian “The Majority” O’Doherty is well on his way to becoming a true contender.

Describing boxing as one of the most challenging things he’s ever done, O’Doherty is looking to bring the same determination and craftiness required in his professional work into the ring, striving to improve his endurance and technique throughout his training. For Damian, the fight against cancer is a personal one- his daughter, Avey, was diagnosed with Leukemia at 2 ½ years old. While Avey has recovered, and is now a young advocate for cancer awareness and research, Damian recognizes the importance of providing resources and support to cancer patients and their loved ones. Damian says his daughters have been the most supportive of his decision to become an Everyday Hero- even helping him pick out potential walkout songs for the match. Others, however, have been less than encouraging- “they mostly tell me to drop out before I get my face punched in. But I want people to think, ‘If this guy can fight for charity, so can I. So I’m excited about it.’”

Donations and ticket sales purchased from Damian’s page will support the Ulman Foundation, an organization dedicated to creating a community of support to the over 72,000 adolescents and young adults diagnosed with cancer each year. With the help of donors like you, the Ulman Foundation is able to provide Patient Navigation programs in nearby hospitals, award scholarships to cancer survivors, and operate the Ulman House- offering free housing to cancer patients as they undergo treatment at nearby hospitals. Strap on your gloves and step into the ring by donating or purchasing your Fight Night tickets today!


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Sorry I couldn't be there in person, but I watched the FB livestream and you ROCKED IT. Go big or go home, and you always choose to go big. Keep moving, Damian!
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