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My Beard Off 2019 - No Shave November

Kenneth Amos

Kenneth Amos

Welcome friends and family!!

So to keep it short, this isn't just for men; ladies drive your boyfriend,lover,spouse, or who ever WILD and let your legs go. If you have to deal with our beards I believe its only fair that we put up with the sexy legs;)

If you have seen my video than you already know what this is about. If not then here it is...

I was blessed to survive cancer not once but twice. Yeah F*$K THAT, right?!! (I still had it easy). Why was it easy? Because I have one amazing family that did everything and would do it all again to support me though those moments.

Others... are not so lucky to have such a support system or the access to such great health care like I was afforded. I constantly think about some of the struggles I saw and still see others go through when trying to just survive.

So My Quest! It's actually not one of monetary value, though money helps and it's a very valuable way to give to others who are in need but my Quest is that of time. Every day I get a little older and I see value time really has. I plan to donate my time to charity and try to bring happiness in someone else's darkness, God knows there have been many that did that for me. There's enough darkness and negativity in the world that I'd like to shed a little light.

So if you're still reading this, your going what the HecK does this have to do with no ShAvE November.. My friend, ima let you in on a secret, no shave november was created in support for Testicular Cancer. Which was what I had..

Join in, laugh a little, be goofy, and share your progress with me. As you can see I've been doing this for a year and im enjoying every minute of it. But I'm also ready to be freed from the flow!


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