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I am a 2019 GameChanger and 2020 NYC Marathon Team Member

Kelly Sorensen

Kelly Sorensen

Hi! I am excited to be part of the 2019 Game Changer Program and the 2020 NYC Marathon Team .I have been part of the Ulman family since 2015. During my time I have been a Cancer to 5K sherpa, cycle to inspire rider, and I was part of the 2018 Point to Point team. Ulman has given me a platform to tell my story but most importantly it has allowed me to give support that I wish I could of given to my big brother Scott...

On March 25th 1991 the day before my 1st birthday my big brother Scott was diagnosed with non-hodgkin lymphoma he was only 6 when he was diagnosed. For the next three years my big brother would fight but unfurtunly on October 5th 1993 my big brother would "run out of time" he was only 9 and I was only 3 when my life turned outside down.

For the past fewyears I have been determined to carry on my brother's memory and to be there for those people who need support in the cancer community.

I am joining Ulman Foundation in fighting for the 72,000 young adults diagnosed with cancer every year as a 2019 GameChanger! GameChangers directly make a positive impact on the young adult cancer community while simultaneously making strides in their professional development. As a member of this cohort, I am participating in a personalized curriculum focused on furthering my success in my career and as a dedicated community citizen.

Ulman Foundation is a Baltimore-based nonprofit whose mission is a simple, yet impactful one: “We change lives by creating a community of support for young adults, and their loved ones, impacted by cancer.” Funds raised go directly back to supporting their mission by providing the best community for these young adults. Being a part of the Baltimore community myself, I feel particularly connected to their mission. Their Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Patient Navigators address topics that all patients should be aware of while undergoing treatment. Ulman also offers free housing for patients and caregivers via the new Ulman House and awards over 30 scholarships each year to young adults impacted by cancer, among other programs.

Programs like GameChangers and the generosity of donors like you make all this support possible. Please help me support this amazing cause and furthering Ulman’s mission today!


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Happy 30th Birthday Kelly! Proud of you!
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Go Kelly!! I always knew you’d grow up to make a difference❤️ Love and miss you my friend.
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You’re doing great things Kelly! Miss you 😘