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I am a 2019 GameChanger!

Ashleigh Erbe

Ashleigh Erbe

I am thrilled to have been nominated as a 2019 GameChanger!

Sure, GameChangers are young professionals who have demonstrated leadership within their workplace, communities, and peer group. We challenge our fears, break our barriers, and promote others to do the same.

However, consider the 72,000 young adults who are facing the ultimate challenge after a cancer diagnosis. That's 72,000 new diagnoses annually. The isolation, fear, financial impact, and even longer-term health affects on these individuals is overwhelming. They are the true leaders.

To have an opportunity to advocate, raise funds for, and bring awareness to this underserved community (ages 15-39) and their circumstances is something I am passionate about. The Ulman Foundation’s mission is clear and impactful, “We change lives by creating a community of support for young adults, and their loved ones, impacted by cancer.”

Your donations help to fund the role of Young Adult (AYA) Patient Navigators stationed in the hospitals who are responsible for--and passionate about--addressing the hard topics which we may not want to think about in the moment, such as fertility options.

Ulman also offers FREE housing for patients and caregivers via the new Ulman House, creating a community for these individuals to return to after their daily treatment, and making it possible for their support systems to be there with them. Additionally, the foundation awards over 30 scholarships each year to young adults impacted by cancer, giving them hope for a normal and less stressful future.

We can help ease the burden and lessen the hardships that these individuals will face. Programs like GameChangers and the generosity of donors like you make this possible. Please help me support this amazing cause and furthering Ulman’s mission today!


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